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Hand tied extensions pros and cons

Hand tied extensions pros and cons

Hand tied extensions are one of today’s hottest hair trends due to their comfort, wearability, and natural appearance. However, this popular hair extension method isn’t for everyone! Like all hair services, it comes with pros and cons:

Hand Tied Extensions Pros

  • Glamourous volume, fullness and length that looks 100% natural
  • Very little stress on the scalp or the roots
  • No tension, tugging or damage to the natural hear
  • Unlimited styling possibilities (including ponytails, buns and upstyles)
  • Discreet attachments that do not show, even in fine, thin or sleek hair
  • Appropriate for active lifestyles, including swimming, and high temperatures

Hand Tied Extensions Cons

  • Initial installation requires a significant investment of both time (2-5 hours) and money ($1000 or more)
  • Extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks as the hair grows out
  • Frequent brushing and maintenance is needed to keep hand tied extensions looking their best
  • May not be the best choice for coily or super-curly hair (depending on the desired style) IBE Pro & Con 

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